Structural Steel Detailing

Workshop fabrication drawings with comprehensive document sets and lists

Why SEQ Steel Detailing

The team at SEQ Steel Detailing specialise in the preparation of detailed shop drawings for the manufacture of steel framework used in the construction of buildings, bridges, handrails and other steel structures.

SEQ Steel Detailing models are AutoCAD compatible, and delivers structural steel detailing drawings and lists with 3D drawings as required.

Our Steel Detailing Services Include

Member Assembly drawings

These show the main shape plus all fitments (plates and shapes) welded to it. It is fully dimensioned for the placement of all steel items and it will have direction indicators (i.e.Top & North). The material list will also show any bolts required to erect it into position.

Handrail Assembly drawings

This combines all of the different “Webforge” items including Specific Stanchion types, Angle Closure Bends (ACB) or Horizontal Closure Bends (HCB), top and mid rails plus any bolts for site bolting etc and arranges them into an assembly for ease of fabrication. Non Webforge handrails can be similarly detailed.

Floorplate and Grating extent drawings

This will show the extents and any cutouts plus any kick plates if they’re welded to the floorplate or grating assembly. We provide the extent drawings as different manufacturers within Australia and overseas will have different minimum width specifications.

Hold Down Bolt Layout and details

This shows all the different types and quantities of HD Bolt group sets and their exact location and RL for placement.

Plate and Shape component drawings

This includes all Flat or Plate Steel and all Hot Rolled Steel shapes including UB, UC, PFC, EA, RHS, and CHS etc.

Purlin, Girt and bridging details

This shows punched hole locations for the purlin manufacturer.

Marking Plans

A steel marking plan will show all steel members to be positioned. It will also have a North point for steel orientation. Marking plans are also provided for sections through assembled steelwork (generally on a grid pattern), purlin plans, girt elevations, Chemset or Trubolt elevations and wherever necessary to enable the ease of placement.

All lists as set out...

Material Ordering List, Bolt Ordering List, Project Partlist & Field Bolt List.
3D DWF file Supplied
Plate and Shape DXF or NC cutting data (if required)

Project Deliverables

  • Drawings co-ordinated with architectural and mechanical documents.
  • All drawings, details & sections appropriately cross-referenced.
  • Steelwork general notes complete, relevant & concise.
  • Areas of different surface treatment to steelwork clearly identified.
  • All member sizes and orientations specified.
  • HD Bolt details complete (embedment length, ligs, cog length etc) and top of footing RL’s clearly shown.
  • All steel connections nominated as AISC standardised structural connections U.N.O? Australian Steel Institute).
  • All non-standard connections adequately detailed.
  • Bracing work points and allowable offsets given.
  • All purlin & girt details provided to suit specified cladding e.g. Maximum spacing, lap length, bridging, bolts etc...
  • Beams and rafters requiring pre-cambering clearly identified.
  • Masonry anchors, grout & packers specified for interface with concrete.
  • All secondary structural steelwork adequately described e.g. A/C decks, grating, handrail etc...
  • Structural members for architectural requirements clearly indicated on design drawings.
  • Cladding edge trimming specified. Rakers, hip & valley trimmers, penetration trimmers etc...

Project Specifics

Fabrication Drawing Services

With 20+ years’ experience in the mining, industrial and commercial sectors, the SEQ Steel Detailing team knows how to extract the right information needed by steel fabricators from the structural engineering drawings provided.
Our complete structural shop drawings show material sizes and dimensions (for beams, purlins, girts, columns, trusses etc.) supported with extensive part and assembly lists delivering all the required structural shop drawing information for steel fabricators to complete the job.

Steel Detailing Quality Control

To ensure accuracy and completeness, our structural steel detailing drawings are subjected to a thorough review process to ensure accuracy and compliance with the structural steel construction details provided and dimensional layout, as well as by a secondary steel detailer, before being delivered to the client for fabrication.

Speciality Steel Detailing for Stairs, Handrails and Platforms

Whether it be standard RHS stringers, custom PFC or a mono stringer we can produce fabrication drawings for steel stairs, handrails and platforms. We are experienced at steel detailing, webforge, monowills or custom hand railing and platform systems.

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