Fabricating with DWF Files

Fabricating with DWF Files

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DWF Sample File

Are you familiar with the world of DWF (Design Web Format) files?  If you are not receiving DWF Models with your fabrication drawings, you are missing out.

View our live and interactive online file (see below)…

The sole purpose of DWF is to allow designers, engineers, fabricators, project managers, and their colleagues to communicate design information and design content to anyone needing to view, review, or assemble from design information.

3D designs utilise intelligent metadata to capture the design intent, 3D models are detailed using any combination of text, graphics, colours and images, when combined users are provided with extremely detailed 3D diagrams.

See for yourself with our online 3D DWF sample file (May take a minute to load)
NOTE: View in Internet Explorer ONLY, Instructions below…



Once the model displays on screen, click the ‘Select Object Button’

  • Now single click on individual members to view the information. Data will appear in the ‘Object Properties’ dialog box on the left.
  • Member size, height, width, weight & length are given for each individual shape you click on.
  • Position number & Position Group number are also supplied, these can be linked back directly to our drawing files & Marking Plans.


The model can also be dis-assembled. Right-Click and select ‘Move and Rotate’  

  • Now single click and drag the individual member out away from the model.


To create a complete section through the model, Right-Click and select ‘Cross Section > Section a Surface’.

  • Now select a member on the plane you wish to cut the section on. A grey Cut Box will appear. This box can be moved and rotated using the Red, Green and Blue X, Y, Z controls that have now also appeared. Move this box throughout the model to view a live cross section of the members intersecting with the cut box.

You will notice in the fully functioning demo above, the DWF files are vector-based (just like CAD drawings) vs. PDF which are raster based, improving accuracy with no loss of resolution regardless of zoom level.

DWF files are smaller, smarter and faster than DWG or PDF file types allowing instant access to assembly information without the extended lag times associated with other bloated files types.

Best of all, you can reference DWF models using Free software!

Developed by Autodesk, DWF files are independent of the original application software and hardware so your company can benefit without the exposure to costly software programs or the need for a high-end PC.

For complete Steel Detailing work including fabrication drawings, assemblies, lists and 3D DWF files contact SEQ Steel Detailing on 07 3257 7224 or submit your files for quote via our online quotation facility.

Link to NQ CAD work samples

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  • Custom Fabrication says:

    DWF (Design Web Format) files are truly very advantageous for fabricators. We use these for our projects and they help simply the process a lot.

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